Some things never change…

all right, i’m going to state the obvious.  i love baseball.  i have especially loved watching chris and corey play it for the past 19 years.  19 years!  sheesh…

as corey’s college career comes to a close, i’ve realized that i still watch him just like i did when he was this little long-haired seven-year-old who felt more comfortable in catcher’s equipment, than he did in anything but au natural

and come to think of it, how do you explain the psyche of a guy who doesn’t think twice about paying five bucks just to go watch the umpire?

the only explanation is that i’m a dad.  always have been.  always will be.  whether they are little kids with innocence and wide-eyed expectations of a simple life filled with fly balls, fastballs, and fungo bats…or young men who take their love of the game as seriously as they do their relationships…there will always be this dad who sits on the sidelines in quiet fascination and untold pleasure watching these young men who love baseball…and love me.

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