A balanced church – two

there is no question that the foundation of a healthy church comes from its commitment to the word of god.  to begin with, the word is where we get our understanding of what the church is in the first place.  i realize that every church studies the bible.  some study it a lot.  some study it very little.  some take every page literally, others have a more generous interpretation.  some stress the gaining of knowledge, while others place emphasis on application.  most every church believes they have a special corner on the truth.

other than the home church movement, and a few other fringe groups, orthodox churches have pastors that carry the primary responsibility for preaching the word and being sort of the voice of spiritual authority for that church.  some of those pastor-teachers have authority and influence that extends far beyond their church walls.

here’s a question for this morning.  does having a pastor-teacher-preacher inspire you to take responsibility for your own study of the word?  or do the weekly sermons and bible studies provide the bulk of your time and insight into god’s word?

be careful how you answer.  i’m not soliciting a compliment…nor am i looking for sermon criticism (go to the other blog if you want to do that).  i just want to know about your personal study of the word and if what we do in our church program helps or hinders…


5 thoughts on “A balanced church – two

  1. My personal study lacks alot. Seems like in my busy schedule I can’t seem to find time for it. That isn’t the church’s fault though. It is my personal responsibility to get MY priorities straight and no one else’s.

  2. What we do does not hinder my personal study.

    I was challenged years ago by a friend to study on my own daily. She pointed out that I eat and sleep daily…why wouldn’t I study daily. When I said I was too busy, she challenged me again…pray and God will show you the places where you have time. She suggested I get up earlier…what!?…she challenged me to pray for better rest and that God would make me alert as I reluctantly set my clock earlier. She even suggested a 20-30 minute nap each day…now that sounds like a good idea. I wish I could tell you that I have been faithful every day since she challenged me…I have not. But things did change from that point on and every time I want to pull one of my original excuses out of my hat I remember our conversation.

    Further comment to what we do in our programming…God usually reenforces what I’m learning through preaching/teaching in my personal Bible study…I don’t think that’s by accident…I think its his way to encourage me.

  3. My personal study of the word is also lacking. I do my God’s Minute study by email.

    Devotional time is something that I have put aside and need to pick back up.

  4. I attend the Sunday Morning Bible Study when I can. I also attend the Thursday Night Bible Study.
    Yet, I know it isn’t enough because of the world we live in.
    Many times, I’ll listen to podcasts of devotionals and sermons from Erwin McManus, Max Lucado and Charles Stanley, particularly before and after going to work.
    I believe that our walks require that we as Christians stay in the word due to the battles we face everyday.
    The church can provide studies, but it must be the individual who must seek for him/herself.

  5. Mike, what you say or do or what other leaders may say or do might encourage me to study a particular topic more…but most often I find that what is said/done by you and others just inspires me to study more independently as well as corporately.

    But I’m a knowledge person and I am always researching or studying something. Not everyone has that love of just being “geeked” =)

    For me daily studying just means that I let my expectations match my life. I don’t REQUIRE of myself that I read a certain number of verses, chapters or study everything there is to know on a particular word/topic…I just start with one phrase…one verse…and sometimes that one phrase or verse is enough to just be that resource I needed….sometimes, it isn’t and I just need more time to just study more.

    There is no one “right” way to study and stay in the Word other than…just do it…letter by letter, word by word…and just let God rewrite my life in his timing.

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