Really…you’re that smart?

this may be a little risky, but something’s really been bugging me lately…

have you noticed that our world is full of experts?  everywhere you look, there’s an expert.  they are plumbers and school teachers and salesmen and homemakers and lawyers and athletes and students and secretaries and handymen.

students call their teachers idiots.  baseball fans call a-rod a loser and scream at the coach for being a brainless imbecile.  garage band guitar heroes project judgmental disgust at rock stars, crying “he’s horrible!” or “the guy has no idea what he’s doing on a guitar.”  we accuse lawyers of being sharks and policemen of being on power trips. monday morning quarterbacks criticize all-star professional athletes of being gutless chumps or crybaby whiners. the list could go on…

it seems like our greatest condemnation is reserved for politicians and preachers.  falwell was an ignorant blowhard.  copeland is a swindler and a charlatan.  ed young is shallow.  t.d. jakes is full of himself.  haggard was a con and a sexual deviant.  jeremiah wright is black extremist hate-monger.  we know these things, right?  we know their hearts, right?

when i was a young man, i heard a guy call jimmy carter a “n……. lover” and an embarrassment to the presidency. i feel like i’ve heard it all.  ronald reagan was just an empty-headed actor.  rick perry is a self-righteous pretty boy who only cares about his own political ambitions.  richard nixon was a buffoon and a criminal.  bill clinton is an immoral fraud.  george w is sanctimonious simpleton who shouldn’t be allowed to speak in public.  mccain is an old man who is out of touch with the modern world…totally unfit to lead the country.  hillary is just a slimy politician and a mouthpiece for her idiot husband who can’t let go.  obama is a liar, a closet muslim terrorist, and a black marxist with a secret agenda to partner with his cousin, osama, to overthrow the united states.

man, i don’t know what i’d do without the experts to enlighten me.

words are powerful.  let’s be careful.  if you consider yourself an expert in speaking on the performance and  hearts and motives of people, you better have your credentials.  being an expert is a big job…


2 thoughts on “Really…you’re that smart?

  1. I once heard a simple, wise preacher say something along the lines of “If we don’t learn how to build things up instead of tear them down, we’ll never make any progress.”

    I love this clip from the movie “Ratatouille”:

    Not all of it is pertinent to this conversation, but some (esp. the beginning) is.

  2. Something about this post triggered thoughts of Jim Palmer’s book “Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to Find God”

    The more I might think I have it figured out – God ensures that it is very clear I don’t and that no matter what – I need people. I need mentors. I need advisors and counselors. I need those to challenge me and support me.

    While there may be “nothing new under the sun” – there is always a unique application of the old into a new beginning.

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