A little introspection

i’m getting ready to preach this morning.  the topic is love.  probably one of the most popular sermon topics preached around the world today.  i wouldn’t have chose it, but since i’m preaching through the book of 1 john, it comes up pretty regularly.

i always get the feeling that when i teach about love, people are saying in the back of their minds, “yeah, yeah, yeah…i’ve heard this a bizillion times…tell me something i don’t know.”  i’m not so sure i don’t feel the same way most of the time.

the problem is, no matter how many times i have preached and taught on love, i know that i still struggle with it.  i can’t even comprehend the love of god, let alone imitate it!  when i am commanded to love my brother, i’m generally ok with that, as long as there is some kind of reciprocation.  when i am rejected, ignored, gossiped about, turned on, lied to, withheld from, slandered, judged, hurt, disregarded, …well, that’s another story.

my prayer today is that even if nobody else listens to my sermon, i will.


3 thoughts on “A little introspection

  1. It’s funny, no matter how many times or how much I hear/read/write on the subject of Love I find that I always have something learn, something to do different, something to add, something to subtract and something to put “LOVE” at the forefront of everything I do no matter what the reason of the circumstance at any given season of my life.

    Love is never a topic that gets old.

  2. Love it one theme, but isn’t another theme in this series about dropping our own ego and selfish pride and bringing more of a god like thinking and focus to our lives.
    I see love throughout 1st John, yet it seems that the author was talking about using a heavenly outlook on life…..

  3. Jim has a beautiful point –
    In order to love as Christ loved it can never be about self and the selfish spirit. God called us to love in the selfless; in a spirit that gives all without thought of the investment or the return.

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