a thought about sundays

i hate what i’m about to say.

honestly, if i heard someone else say it, i’d probably call them a whiney-butt and then tell them to grow up.  but i’m going to say it anyway.

i might even sound hypocritical.  i know its hard to believe…

here goes.

attending church services will not save you.  attending church services won’t even get you inside the pearly gates.  attending church services doesn’t make you better.  attending church services won’t improve your relationship with god.  attending church services will not make you love more, give more, serve more, know more, feel more or do more.

jesus didn’t die on the cross so you would go to church services.

with that said, i really hope to see you on sundays at north point.  i want you there every week.  i miss you when you are not there.  so do others.  your presence makes a difference.  a huge difference.  just thought i’d tell you that.

does anyone else feel the same as i do?


5 thoughts on “a thought about sundays

  1. I have no problem with your assessment of Sunday Services. While attending church is important, your recent sermons have showed us that our actions and walks outside of NPCC is important and that we need to act like “children of God” in the real world (work, school, with friends and family, etc…….)

  2. Yep…I feel the same way. I know church services don’t save, Jesus does. We’re a family and I like it when family is together.

  3. Church services doesn’t save us, it can’t make us more spiritually secure, spiritually fit or really spiritually functional…but it DOES have a distinct and much needed function to a believer….as its the STARTING point for us to connect with others of like faith, common purposes and those with the guts to make us through challenge and accountability to live up to our physical and spiritual potential.

    Church services is where iron-sharpening-iron starts. It IS the catalyst of thought, study and correction that we all need.

    Could we learn every lesson God ever intentended us to learn even if we didn’t attend a church service – sure…but sometimes learning is best with a teacher/preacher instead of walking in the school of hard knocks or somehow hoping to pick it up in the air around us to create some sort of Spiritual Osmosis.

    Could we deal with life if we didn’t take time participate with others in praise and worship, deeper study or listen to sermons…SURE…but doesn’t church services help us The Church do our best work NOW?

  4. Just going to church will not Save you. It will strengthen your faith though. If your church doesn’t help you become a stronger servant of Christ I would venture to say you are going to the wrong church. That or your heart isn’t open to the Word and it wouldn’t really matter where you are flopping yourself down on Sunday mornings.

  5. An interesting idea that I have heard many times: Do whatever you want on saturday night, cuz you can always go to church sunday and get your slate cleaned. I feel like this is a common misconception about sundays.

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