“It’s time to get back with the program” – pastor mike

it’s definitely time to get back in this dialogue.  if you are reading this, wake up the slackers you hang with and tell them to start reading again.  this is important.  make sure you go back and read all the “pastor” posts.  we’ve got to keep digging on this subject.

one of the champions of the modern protestant movement was martin luther.  probably the biggest name and the one with the most profound impact.  he was a german monk who led the protest against the catholic church over issues such as: the authority of the bible, the authority of the papacy, salvation by grace, and the role of indulgences.  but before we fully embrace him as our hero who led us from the captivity of the roman catholic domination, we need to look carefully at some of what he said…

luther wrote (in an excerpt from the book “The Ministry in Historical Perspectives”, pp. 114-115):

“God speaks through the preacher . . . A Christian preacher is a minister of God who is set apart, yea, he is an angel of God, a very bishop sent by God, a savior of many people, a king and prince in the Kingdom of Christ . . . There is nothing more precious or nobler in the earth and in this life than a true, faithful parson or preacher.”

looks to me like the priesthood (not of believers!) is very much alive and well in the heart of this great leader of the reformation.

so exactly what is he reforming?


6 thoughts on ““It’s time to get back with the program” – pastor mike

  1. I feel as though I can’t answer your question until I read the portions before and/or after this quote. I hate to be so picky, but this is just a statement….he doesn’t say anything about reforming anything. If he does, it must that there’s a “but” or an “and” after this statement….

  2. the question, “what is he reforming?”, is tongue-in-cheek. it looks to me like the leader of the reformation hasn’t really reformed anything about the priesthood…

  3. Yeah, the whole “tongue-in-cheek” thing doesn’t come over very well in type lol …and I’m familiar with what was before and after this in Luther’s work….he may not have tried to reform anything here and just traded to compare one fruit (priests) for another (pastors)…but his overall life’s work was a work of reformation of involvement – challenging the people to not just follow blindly the agendas of self-serving religious people but seek out God and serve Him even in the face of political and social opposition.

  4. Jesus was the only reformer that got away with the unconventional.

    Every other reformer since (both ways) has operated out of a system of steps and stages by attacking one idea at a time.

    In this case, Luther’s goal was not to revamp and reshape the scene of independent worship or to go from A to Z in one fell swoop 180 degree transformation, but to attack the validity of the Catholic Church and the papacy. He wanted to stress into the hearts of the people he served just how essential pastors were to the Christian faith. Once he got this across – and the relationship became LESS hierachial (not completely equalatarian though as you noticed)…then he could introduce other concepts that would spur the believers of his day onto more independent and demonstrative acts of faith.

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