Does this seem odd to you?

i was just doing some online reading tonight during this bizarre cardinals-panthers game and i came across a post by one of the most popular, innovative and respected big guns in the mega-church club (i’m not part of the club…i just sneak looks into their online clubhouses when they’re not looking).

it wasn’t a quote or a lesson or even the content that seemed odd to me. it was simply the title, the future of worship. what do mean, the future of worship?

we could talk about the future of…bi-partisan politics…or global warming…or the metal baseball bat…or plasma televisions…or cross-cultural relations in texas…or eschatological predictions in the 21st century…or any number of other issues that change or morph or develop or grow from one stage to another. but worship? the future of worship? really…

worship doesn’t change. it is. that’s it. it’s the essence of relationship between the creator and created. it’s life. it’s breath. it’s me offering my life to the holy one. it’s where i walk and what i say and what i think and how i give. there’s no future to it. it doesn’t have a timeline. unless you consider eternity measurable.

for the record, the guy makes worship and music synonymous. bad call. but that’s the church culture he lives in.

in case you’re watching, kurt warner’s the man..


2 thoughts on “Does this seem odd to you?

  1. People wanting to make worship synonymous with musically praising God will unfortunately probably never stop making the connection. As far as I know, Romans 12:1 says that offering our bodies as sacrifices to God is our act of worship, not just singing a song…

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