i was answering an email this morning from a guy who found north point online.  he had a question regarding our position on baptism.  definitely a fair and important question…especially in the bible belt, where there’s a church on just about every corner…and each with their own particular slant on baptism.

as i was writing back to him, i had a thought and want to see if you agree or disagree:

“nobody will be surprised that they make it to heaven when they die.  i’m afraid there will be plenty of people surprised they don’t, though…”

what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Wow talked about a loaded quote!

    I would say that if you have faith in Christ and know he is your Savior you shouldn’t be surprised by Him keeping His promise. I would like to think I fall into that group, but man there are plenty of days that I don’t feel like I have a snowballs chances of standing in front of Him and liking the outcome of my review.

  2. I eventually found the answer on the web site.. You answered with exactly what I was asking, and looking for. You are spot on with the quote,it’s not the deeds but the faith and belief in Christ that will carry us home.

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