Role playing

Lebroni’m sitting here watching lebron try to keep his cavaliers in the game tonight against orlando.  there is no question in my mind that he is the best basketball player in the world.  honestly, i don’t think anybody even comes close.  sorry kobe.

as a matter of fact, in the history of basketball, there have only been a few who have ascended to the heights of greatness that lebron has climbed.  only a handful are so special, so gifted, so uniquely talented that all they need are some role players to complement them as they hoist the team on their massive shoulders and achieve dreams of unprecedented magnitude.

i think this is true in all areas of life.  there are uniquely gifted coaches and corporate executives and military leaders and financial entrepreneurs…even mega-pastors.  men and women who are so far superior to the rest of us in what they do, they can command pretty much anything they want.

all of them are usually quick to give credit to their role players, but we all know their giftedness and superior talents and abilities will ensure success wherever they go.

in spite of the presence of prominence and excellence, the nuts and bolts of life depend on us role players…whether it is a basketball team, a business, a squadron or a church family.

i’m comfortable and confident in my kingdom role.

how about you?  do you know your role?  are you playing it well?  the team needs you.


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