Marriage Tuesday…the plan

after thinking about this all day, i think i’ve come up with the format to roll with on tuesdays, as we talk about marriage.

i want to begin listing do’s and don’ts, creative ideas, warnings, absolute musts, and nuggets of truth.

through the years, i’ve accumulated a lot of things that we can do to grow stronger and healthier marriages.  i’m sure you’ve got some, also.  i’ve made my share of mistakes…and listened to a lot of yours, too.  so we’re just going to start keeping a running list.

honestly, i can’t think of a more important way to use this blog.

each week i will pass on a couple of my personal insights…from this point on they will be referred to as a “pt”…and if mine inspire you to remember a do or don’t or idea from your experience…pass it on in a comment.  i’ll add it to the list and maybe, over time, we will collaborate on something that might make a real difference!

just to get things started, i think i’ll give you one before i go to bed tonight…

pt – 1

marriage is a privilege.  it’s not a right.  we are not entitled to it.  it’s not something that’s just supposed to happen in any given culture.  you may expect to get married.  you may grow up romanticizing the institution or the ceremony or the reputation that comes with being married.  it may come easy.  it may take years to happen.  it may never happen.  but as a starting point for even discussing marriage, we need to remember that it is simply a privilege we have available to us…and  like any other privilege, we need to treat it very, very carefully.


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