an idea

i was having lunch with logan this afternoon, and we were talking about how people (all of us to some degree) are held captive by money…the fear of losing jobs in a shrinking economy…the fear of having to adjust a lifestyle and do without…and the trickle-down effect that has on church life and ministry.

here’s a thought that just came to my mind:  all of my life, i have heard people get frustrated with the church for asking for money…talking about finances…promoting financial campaigns…guilting people into an increased offering check…over emphasizing the importance of tithing…telling people that god’s blessing will be withheld if they withhold the money that belongs to god.  you name it.

i’m probably one of those that stands near the head of the line at the church financial complaint department.  but here’s the deal.  people don’t want to be told by the church what to do with their money.  i get it.  but think about this…

we are told everyday what to do with our money…by the gas company…by the cable company…by the school district…by the band booster club…by our kid’s soccer team…by the credit card companies…by our favorite athletic teams…by the movie theaters…by the health club…by fashion designers…by doctor’s offices…by pretty much everybody.

and though we complain about rising prices and unfair trade and poor services, we still pay.  yeah, it’s our choice to pay.  we could turn off the cable or go without cell phones or tell our kids they can’t be in the band or on the team, or…or…or…

but we pay.  why?  because we want to.  we think it’s worth it.   we see how the investment will pay off in the end.  it gives us happiness or health or contributes to our overall well-being.  bottom line?  we spend our money where we choose to spend our money.

and as much as we don’t like to be told by anyone how, where, when or how much, when it comes to our money, we listen.  and then we pay.

so here’s my question.  what is god saying to you about how you should be spending (allocating) your money?  are you listening intently to what god is telling you through the word and by the holy spirit regarding your finances?

forget what the church is saying.  forget what some shiny-haired, silver-tongued, tv preacher is saying about your money.  what is god saying to you?

then do it.


3 thoughts on “an idea

  1. This blog really hit home for me… Both Brandon and I have had tithing or the money aspect of church life on our hearts the past couple of weeks. What it means to tithe, how it comes back etc. I can say from personal experience that investing in the Kingdom, or Tithing, works. It is the most important investment you can make in your secular and spiratual life. I mean, come on, what other financial investment boasts a tenfold return???

    During poor economic times, give more… As wrong as it sounds, it is the correct answer… Invest in the Kingdom… It will come back to you… All you have to do is read Malachi 3:10 to see the promise that God made regarding giving.

    Bottom line is, Mike, I agree wholeheartedly with your blog. We should stop listening to the WORLD on how to spend our money and put more focus on how God says we should spend our money… It all belongs to him anyways.

    And, I am not saying that we don’t pay our bills, or let our familys starve just to give a tithe…

    Paul said it like this….
    (2 Cor 9:7 NIV) Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.)

    So.. that is all I have to say about that….

  2. Too true. It seems that money has been on the plates of many people these days. How to spend it? What are we getting money FOR? Where do we stop? When do we say, “I’ve got enough; someone else can have the rest?” What is ultimately the way God wants us to live, not the way the world tells us to live?

    I think the fact that Jesus talked about MONEY more than almost anything else when he was on Earth is significant. How we use our money, indeed how we even THINK about money is extremely important in our lives as disciples of Jesus.

    But as for your last line, in your case wouldn’t it be a shiny-HEADED preacher?

  3. I’ve always thought part of many people’s problem with tithing or giving to the church is a control thing in many ways. Like you said, we don’t have to pay the cell phone bill, etc, and that is some control. On the other hand, giving your money away without being able to control what it is going for is different. Giving something away with no strings attached is a river too wide for many to cross.

    But what a liberating experience once you cross that river!

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