Thanksgiving Top Five

it’s wednesday afternoon…i should be working around the house, but i’m not.

i’m sitting in the living room and smelling the beginning of thanksgiving dinner.

countdown:  24 hours, 42 minutes.

thought i would give you my top five thanksgiving taste sensations…farra style.

we always begin the day with wanda’s home made cinnamon rolls.  soft, warm bread…loads of buttery, cinnamon goo in every layer…sticky, sweet white frosting everywhere. the smell of these puppies is almost as good as eating them.

an unbelievable way to begin the day.

next up…the mashed potatoes and gravy.

and not just any mashed potatoes.  these are home made and full of butter, cream cheese and sour cream and then baked in the oven to form a crust on the top and bottom.

and wanda is the turkey gravy queen.

there is absolutely nothing like the taste of cranberry sauce and turkey together on fresh made rolls, the day after thanksgiving.  these little sandwich creations are worth waiting the whole year for.

have i told you that wanda is an amazing cook?  she always bakes our two favorite pies:  pecan and a socal favorite, tollhouse pie…like a large, gooey chocolate chip cookie.  if you’ve never had it, you need to stop by the farra crib for a taste.

i promise, you have never tasted anything like it. 

the greatest of farra thanksgiving traditions?  we all get our own bottle of martinelli’s sparkling apple cider!  when our boys were young, this was the coolest thing ever.  come to think of it…it still is!

so how about you and your family…

what are your favorite palate-pleasers?

what are the foods that make your thanksgiving dinner memorable?


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Top Five

  1. Besides the awesome classics (many you mentioned) Angie makes a fantastic dressing that I eat until it is gone – every time.

    Several days later though it’s not the food I remember, it’s the joy of having the entire family together in one spot at the same time. Even though it only lasts for a few hours, that is fantastic food for the soul and I savor it more than the wonderful food!

  2. Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without Gary’s homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream (and a touch of maple syrup) …. my mouth waters just thinking about it.

    However, I agree with Dale that “the joy of having the entire family together in one spot at the same time is … fantastic food for the soul” and the most important part of Thanksgiving.

  3. I have a turkey soaking in apple juice. Its going to marinate about 36 hours. Then I will put it on the smoker right before we go to bed tomorrow night (we are having our dinner Friday) and smoke it for about 10-12 hours…… Can’t wait to taste it.

  4. My thanksgiving tradition is
    more about the who than the
    what. I make a cranberry
    relish, Shari makes the BEST
    mashed potaties, the kids help
    us open cans of beans,
    cranberry sauce, etc. We say
    a special prayer, and then eat
    together and talk, something
    that doesn’t happen nearly
    enough. The turkey is good,
    the stuffing is great, but
    coming together as a family
    is the best.

  5. Raeshel Avery Jack and I are some where between i45 and i35. It seems our tradition is driving betreen houses, from one side of Texas to the other. We have done this for 8 Years now. We finished a great meal with r’s parents and now on our way to see my Htown Mom.

    So I guess one of our most memorable scents are dead animals and gas.

    The good thing us being couped up in the car we have plenty of time to talk about our relatives:). So yeah we laugh and have a good time.

    I was hoping this year was the year we were going to have a 4 family thanksgiving at our new house. That will have to wait.

    So one more year of our tradition before we start a brand new one.

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