Are you a sandwich guy?

this afternoon,  i stopped by our local downtown subway for a quick sandwich and a few minutes of quiet.   i ordered my cold cut combo, toasted with mozzarella on 9-grain honey oat bread and sat down at a booth…i was the only one in the restaurant.   then something out of the ordinary happened.

a guy walked in to grab a sandwich.   he stepped up to the glass and gave his order to a young guy on the other side.   it all seemed normal.   the subway guy was in his early twenties…the sandwich guy ordering was somewhat older and looked like a local vendor from the flying pig or one of the art studios…long hair, kind of hip.

while subway guy was building the sandwich,  sandwich guy asks,  “what do you when you aren’t working here?”   the kid was stumped.   he muttered out “nothing much, really.”

“you mean you don’t do anything else with your life?”

“no, not really.”

“you mean this is it?   there’s nothing more than this?”

subway guy was a little stunned.

sandwich guy didn’t let up.   “well, let me ask you this.   what do you want to do with your life?   is there something that really excites you and you want to pour your life and energy into it?”

subway guy was nearly paralyzed at this point.

“man,  you have your whole life ahead of you and you get to spend it doing exactly the way you want to.   your dreams are out there.   chase them.   don’t let anything hold you back.   you only have one life…spend it doing something you really believe in!”

“do you want mustard or mayo on your sandwich?”

“mustard.   are you hearing what i’m saying, dude?   this is a great life.   don’t waste it!”


“later, dude.”

i like sandwich guy.   we need more people like him in the kingdom.   are you a sandwich guy?


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