Marriage Tuesday

you may or may not have heard this, but my wife is having surgery this (tuesday) afternoon.   it sounds like its a serious, but routine surgery to have her gall bladder removed.   six days of non-stop nausea and stomach pain caused us to go to the doctor today…and the rest is history.

thanks for the prayers and friendship and support.

she’s pretty well drugged up tonight,  so i’m home taking care of the dogs (can’t believe this is what my life has come to),  catching up on today’s missed emails,  and doing some thinking.

i really like my wife.

yeah, i love her,  appreciate her,  respect her,  admire her and i’m still pretty well blown away that she loves me the same way.

but tonight,  i’m just thinking about how much i like her.

wanda is funny and thoughtful and doesn’t carry grudges and thinks the best of people.   she is simple and innocent and just a genuinely good person.   i like to go out to eat with her and watch television with her and take long rides in the car with her.   we take in baseball games and go grocery shopping or  just sit and talk.

i don’t do these things because i’m married to her.   i do these because i like her and like being with her.

there’s a difference between loving a person and liking a person.   i can’t find that truth in the bible,  but i can in the real world of relationships…and i’m not here today to make a big deal about the differences.   but i am here to say this:

if your wife (or husband) is not your best friend,  there’s a problem…and you need to fix it.

every young couple i’ve ever helped prepare for marriage has identified their partner as their best friend.   every struggling marriage that i have ever tried to help has shared one thing in common:   they stopped liking each other the way they did when they were dancing early in their relationship.

liking each other is a big deal.   a really big deal.

if you’re married,  get with the program!


3 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. I can say that Brandon is definitely my best friend. And after almost 8 years of being married and 5 years of daring before that he still is. He is funny, and still is young at heart.

  2. You are so right! It’s the friendship that makes the trip so rewarding and fun. I’ve had almost 43 years with my best friend, and it’s been a great ride!

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