The week in review

wow…what a different week.

last sunday afternoon, after a week of treating an apparent stomach virus,  wanda took an obvious turn for the worst.   extreme nausea and horrible stomach pain escalated through the evening.   we postponed going to the emergency room until we were able to visit our family doctor on monday morning.   he immediately sent her to the hospital…24 hours of rehydration and antibiotics…surgery to remove her gall bladder on tuesday afternoon…two more days in the hospital…home and recuperating.

here are some of my observations from the whirlwind:

  • wanda is a lot tougher than anyone would ever know.
  • the pain she went through was over-the-top.
  • we never know when emergencies are going to happen…we better be ready…we better have a plan.
  • we place a lot of faith in doctors we don’t know.
  • i think surgeries must go better when souls are at peace.
  • i wonder what god thinks when doctors say we don’t really need our gall bladder,  appendix,  or our tonsils?
  • living across the street from the hospital has its advantages.
  • i didn’t get much done this past week.  totally battled my focus everyday.
  • this was not a good week to lose focus on.
  • i don’t fear death.   neither does wanda.
  • i’m not ready to die.   too much to do.   too much live to live.
  • nobody but the terminally ill should be ready to die.
  • there are a lot of sick, hurting  and lonely people in hospitals.   we should all go and visit more often.
  • we have lots and lots and lots of friends who care about us.
  • good and bad happen to all of us.
  • knowing god and living in grace gives deep confidence and overwhelming peace.

as far as the rest of the week:

  • i lost almost an entire week of mexico preparation…the week before we leave!   not good.
  • what is good is that debbie stays on top of every detail.  always has.
  • through a north point contact,  i was able to meet one of the honchos of “pro-tow”  (a local towing company) and they have donated the use of two enclosed trailers for us to take to mexico.   great people.   amazing generosity.
  • because of wanda’s surgery,  we needed to cancel thursday bible study at our house.   i texted everybody,  but wouldn’t you know it?   a first-time visitor showed up!   i felt horrible.
  • sermon prep was scattered this week.   the focus problem…
  • but once i finished,  i was really pumped for our services!
  • i’m always convicted about what i am preaching on, but this week was extra special.
  • preaching about the real nature of the church is a topic that i am absolutely passionate about.
  • we had really good attendance in both services.
  • it was good to see some old faces.   i was good to see some new faces.
  • the five songs we sang today are all in my “top ten” current favorites.   all on the same day!
  • “remedy” by crowder  is an incredible song.   really.   incredible.
  • couldn’t believe how many heads were nodding in agreement when i was talking about my experiences growing up in the church.
  • for as much fun as i poke at my childhood church experiences,  i will forever be grateful for the commitment my parents made to making me go.   i wouldn’t be the same without it.
  • it is amazing to me that church in extreme southern california and church in extreme southeastern texas could have looked so similar in the 60’s!
  • there are so many things i’d like to say about this,  but i will show restraint.   bill…you are amazing!    in my fifty years of church,  i have never…i mean neh-veeeer…heard anybody speak of ear wax and communion at the same time with such grace and eloquence.   never.
  • that moment is now added to my top-ten list of epic north point moments…right next to the basset hound,  the hostile takeover of communion,  and tuxedo ralph.
  • for the record,  the insight into communion was profound.
  • i love north point.
  • the band rocked, as usual.
  • the band has a couple of new songs they have been working on that are going to blow you away.
  • what was up with the spot light?
  • i am so grateful for many people who are beginning to really reach out to new people on sundays.   i makes a huge difference!
  • lunch at cabana was great.   brittney…it’s time to man up and come back!   it’s a perfect place for lunch with a big group…it’s cheap…and the food is good.   i expect to see you there next time…

this is a huge week for north point.   your prayers would be appreciated.   our mexico trips are going to be awesome.   remember…we don’t go to church…we are the church!

4 thoughts on “The week in review

  1. the hostile takeover of communion? Do tell!

    Great service today. I was concerned that I was going to struggle today with very little sleep. Not even close. Was a great day.

  2. I was agonizing about how to shoe horn in a reference to it and not get added to the blacklist of this blog along with you…… You are #1 on that list and I had faith that you would take care of business.

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