Biggest Loser…New Results

so here’s the news:

team madre – 21.5  pounds lost  (150 total pounds lost)

team padre – 13  pounds lost  (119.5 total pounds lost)

the small picture is this:   i’m sorry for not keeping up with this last week, but it was a pretty upside down week for us at the farracrib.   it was a pretty good two weeks, though…

the big picture is this:  269.5 total pounds lost…wow! this amazes me.   who would have thought?

the competition picture is this:   team madre is definitely pulling away.

my issue is this:   i’m calling a major foul on the leader of team madre.   wanda goes in for gall bladder surgery… conveniently during the biggest loser competition… and just happens to lose 10.5 pounds in one week! major foul.

any guys willing to take one for the team in the next week or two?   i hear people can get by without a thigh…

also,  because of our mexico trips this weekend,  biggest loser weigh-in day will be next wednesday,  not next tuesday.   i’ll send a reminder.

mmm…. maybe we can drink the water…


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