We don’t see the Bible alike…

as a pastor/teacher, i understand that not everybody will see the bible as i see it.   not everyone will interpret scripture the way i do…or come to the same conclusions i do on a variety of doctrinal issues.   i am grateful there is freedom to study and think and reason and that we are not spiritual robots when it comes to seeking and embracing the truth.

people seem to have a huge need to be right.

churches almost pride themselves in being the right ones.

certain churches and faith groups and pastors  seem to adopt an attitude of theological superiority over those who don’t hold  to their tradition or biblical interpretation.   honestly,  those people bug me.

they might be right,  but they don’t have to act so smug.

on the other hand,  they might not be right at all.   it seems to me that there is a lot of room at the table for different understandings and interpretations.   is there always one right way of interpreting and understanding every passage in the bible?   in theory,  i would probably have to say yes.

in reality,  it might not be that simple.

i’m grateful we have the word of god…and both the freedom and responsibility that come with being a disciple of jesus and a student of the word.

do you join me in this gratitude?


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