The Big Picture

(hey,  i’m still in mexico,  so i thought i’d post something for you to read that i’ve been writing lately, before i head back later today.  we’ll talk about it later!)

when you’re 55 years old, looking back over the course of your life can be exhausting!  there’s a lot of ground to cover…

i’ve been thinking lately about how very different the course of my lifespan  might have been  if certain life events would not have turned out the way they did… or if i’d made different choices along the way.  while doing that exercise, i was reminded of the great reality of god’s providence and how he is mysteriously and miraculously engaged in our lives.

i struggle sometimes with comprehending how god can be interested in the seemingly mundane events of my simple, privileged life and also turn his attention to things like poverty, war and catastrophe…yet, i realize that god has been intimately connected to my life journey from the very beginning.

are you aware of the life-changing events in your past?  do you remember those intersections in your life that have defined (or re-defined) the person you are?  can you see your life like a road map…destinations connected by roads and tollways and super-highways that represent the course of your days.

we need to be able to do this.


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