Marriage Tuesday

if you really want to be a good hitter in baseball,  it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of good instruction and practice, practice, practice.   the best hitters i know of have developed the discipline of spending hours in the batting cage day after day…taking hundreds of swings as part of a daily regimen.

would-be doctors go through years of school and residencies just to be able to practice the thing they love.

the same is true for most any trade or occupation.   my guess is there are very few gamers that got good by watching others play.   no…they have spent hours and hours throwing down monster drinks, while they mastered the art of game controller expertise.

so here’s a thought for today.

are you working on your marriage?   i mean some big-time,  deliberate, intentional effort directed at developing a strong and healthy union with your spouse.

do you know the areas of weakness you have in your relationship?   what skills are you developing to minimize the effects and turn those areas into strengths?

have you identified problem areas and started working on turning them around?   do you have plans for growing stronger and deeper and wiser?   what are those plans?

are you studying?   are you reading any good books on marriage?   do you and your spouse talk…about your relationship and ways to move towards improvement?

are you including others in on your journey?   are you taking advantage of wise counsel and accountability?

look.   we say that our marriage is important.   we say that our marriage is the most important friendship we have.   but marriages don’t get better simply by the passing of time.  quite the opposite.

marriages get better because we work at it…plan for it…practice good skills and habits…and put our money where our mouths are.

what do you need to work on this week?   will you do it?   will you start today?


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