tonight,  i installed a new ceiling fan in our dining room.   here is my lesson from this evening:

don’t complicate things. there are enough things in life that are just naturally complicated.   why does a stupid ceiling fan have to be added to the list?   as i was putting it up,  all i could think about was how i…an uneducated, wannabe, home repair hack…could design a much simpler,  much happier,  and much more effective ceiling fan installation plan.

everything about this process was idiotic.   the directions were complicated.   the placement of the screws were complicated.   the electrical wire layout was complicated.   the position of the blades was complicated.   the hanger assembly was complicated.   the installation guide was written for somebody with an advanced degree in electrical engineering and a minor in interior design.   geez…i just wanted to put up a new ceiling fan!

let me say this loud and clear…simple is good.   simple is genius.   simple makes life better.   simple is the way god wants things.   stop gumming up the process.   stop complicating life!


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