Biggest Loser…Weekly Results

pretty tough week around the farrahut…

we have been eating out just about every meal with our first-time-to-texas friends from california over the past week.   barbeque,  chicken fried steak,  mexican,  fried pickles,  you name it.   i’ve worked hard not to overeat,  but the damage to my eating plan has been felt.   and my workout schedule.

here’s the great news, though.   i am pumped to get back on the wagon!   this is an absolute first for me in my life.   in the past, when my “diet” crashed (for whatever reason),  the “diet” was over.   i would just give up and go back to my bad eating habits permanently…until i put back on all the weight i had lost.   that was my pattern.   not this time!

as much fun as we have had with our friends…and as sad as it will be to say “goodbye” until next time  (and there will be a next time…they are closet texans)…i’m excited for tomorrow and the return to good eating habits,  consistent working out,  and a return to focus.   you can count on it.

anybody else fallen off the wagon?   need some encouragement?   want help getting back to your plan?   here’s where you can do it!

here are the weekly results:

team madre –  9.5  pounds lost  (188.5  total pounds lost)

team padre – 5.5  pounds lost  (150 total pounds lost)

keep your eyes on the goal.  this is an awesome project.   together we have lost 338.5  total pounds!   wow…


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