The week in review

had a great week!

  • it was pretty cool to be texas tour guides to our friends from california.   hear are some of my observations:
  • we love our high school football here.
  • we must have driven by 15-20 huge high school football stadiums…beautiful…new…nicer than many college stadiums pretty much everywhere else in the country.
  • little did i know fifteen years ago how much i would like texas barbeque.
  • sunday night is a great time to visit downtown dallas.   no traffic.   no crowds.   bright lights.   very cool downtown.
  • i totally love driving on two-lane roads out in the country.
  • there is nothing healthy about babe’s chicken.   but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind.
  • chicken fried steak may be oxymoron-ish,  but my arteries really don’t care…
  • our friends were really impressed by the 24-hour walmarts.   apparently,  they are not 24-hour in california…nor do they sell groceries.   we made multiple late-night trips.   they especially liked the gucci walmart in highland village.
  • we visited the fort worth stockyards for the first time in our fifteen years here.   what have we been thinking?   the place is awesome.   can’t wait to go back.   i guarantee you that wanda and i will be back at billy bob’s for a concert sometime in the next few months.   yeah…billy bob’s for the farras!
  • everybody should visit the cowboy hall of fame and museum.
  • a side trip to beautiful justin, texas was everything it was cracked up to be.   we spent a couple of hours looking at boots,  buckles,  pearl snaps and flannel.   unbelievable.   i was intoxicated by the smell of leather.   i will go back.
  • we took our friends down to jerry world to see the deathstar in person.   that place is the epitome of  everything is bigger in texas. i am still stunned by it everytime i go there.
  • it was a good week.
  • sermon prep this week was very different.   with the pace we were keeping,  i just found myself carrying around the passage…letting it roll around in my heart everywhere we went.   it effected me.
  • it’s not often that i come down as heavy-handed as i did yesterday,  but sometimes it just needs to be done.
  • i wish there were more people there.   the post-easter crowd was pretty thin.
  • four new families, tho.   sweet.
  • new people keep coming and coming.   i’m  pretty overwhelmed by the thought of it all.
  • we’re not prepared for our growth,  but god is.
  • if we would have had more of our regular families, we would have had nearly 60 kids in kid’s church.   and not nearly enough adults.   what an amazing opportunity for people to make a difference!   any takers?
  • great day.   great people.   great music.   great lunch time with friends.
  • i love sundays.

walk worthy of your calling this week.


5 thoughts on “The week in review

  1. Just went to concert at Billy Bob,s for the first time. Lived here almost 22 years and have never been, It was fun! Great message Mike. Needed it! Glad you and Wanda had a great time with your friends. Texas is pretty awesome, but I was very impress when I went to Cal.:)

  2. I’d love to know what you had to say on Sunday. Percent chance you’ll be podcasting again anytime soon…? It’s how I keep up with you folks these days 🙂

  3. so how’s oklahoma these days, candace? everything is up and running on our website, so check it out. when will we ever see you again?

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