…of sinking ships

sometimes, i wonder if all of my appeals for people to get involved in service projects or small groups or bible studies or…to come to the next big thing at north point… are really coming across like a captain of a sinking ship looking for new people to come and bail water?

“we need people to work in the nursery!”

“we need people to mow the lawn!”

“we need people to help with youth ministry!”

“we need people to put more money in the offering!”

“we need people to come to the next work day!”

“we need people to help with children’s church!”

“we need small group leaders!”

“we need you to invite your friends!”

“we need people to visit the sick!”

i’m afraid that most of the time,  no matter how the request is framed,  the need for help just doesn’t come across like an opportunity to give or serve or love or be like jesus or grow into an influencer.

i think when we use the word need, people just see it as an invitation to a lifetime of hard work, uphill paddling,  and uncontrollable gasping for air as the ship slowly goes under.

when did need become synonymous with death sentence?


One thought on “…of sinking ships

  1. Need became synonymous with death sentence when people were put into roles they were not gifted for, talented for, supported enough in, or felt they were qualified for.

    The fear of death comes when a person jumps on board of a “team” project only to realize they feel very, very alone.

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