Biggest Loser…Weekly Results

sorry.   i’m a little late on reporting!

all in all,  this was not a great week week.   okay for team madre. miserable for team padre.

team madre – 8.5  pounds lost  (207  total pounds lost)

team padre – 3  pounds lost  (160  total pounds lost)

these are tough days.   weight loss is harder than ever.

have you given up?   have you lost your will to keep trying?   has your focus been diverted?   i’ve got a solution.   ask for some help! reach out to someone and tell them you want some accountability.   ask them for a new plan.   get a workout buddy.

tell your secret.

bad eating habits and poor workout plans are easily hidden.   it’s one of those things that people will never really ask you about,  unless you invite them.   kind of like problems in your spiritual life,  your marriage,  your finances and behind the front door of your home!

god has wired us to live life out within the reach of friends.   when we don’t do it,  we are missing the point.

have a better week!


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