Mac vs. PC …part one

i’ve decided i’m going to let you in on my personal journey.

i’m probably going to have to get a new laptop sometime before the year is over.   my trusty sony vaio is showing the early signs of dying.   it’s approaching four years old.   i’ve heard that’s pretty much senior citizen status in laptop years.

for the past few years,  i’ve watched the mac vs. pc  war from a distance.   oh,  i’ve done some research.   i’ve listened to the die-hards on both sides stake their claim.   but i’ve never fully invested in the conflict…personally.

until now.

in anticipation of  the great replacement,  i’ve decided to fully find out the details of this battle.   i want to know if all my smug mac-head friends are simply blinded by the glare of the shiny apple on the cover of their laptop…or if the macbook really is the computer jesus would use.

i only have experience with a pc.   it’s all i’ve ever used.   it’s all i know.   i’ve never invested any time in using a macbook or looking closely at what one can do.   i’ve only listened to what mac-heads have to say.

until last night.

last night,  i spent about 45 minutes working on one…side by side with my sony…with my mac-head son,  chris,  as my tour guide.   whoa.

i’ll tell you more about some of the specifics of what i experienced next time.   but for now,  i’ll just say that i saw what a mac can do with a few things i do regularly on my pc and…i was pretty much blown away at how much simpler and faster they can be done on a mac!

game on.


6 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC …part one

  1. I have already gone to the darkside. My mac has almost paid for itself in very little time. The initial expense up front is showing it’s worth.

  2. I’ve had my MacBook for 4 years now. I let my kids use it too. Other than a hard drive crash (which Brian was able to restore my data and install a new hard drive), I have had zero problems with it. No slowing down, no viruses, zilch. My recommendation is to buy a Mac and get the extended warranty. Brian has had an iMac for 6 years now and we haven’t had any problems with it either. Mac is the ONLY way to go. Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

  3. Okay I’m not going to advocate for one or the other (because I’ve never really used any apple products besides ipod) but, if you’re going to compare, at least do it with Windows 7. They made a ton of changes and if you’re going to put one up against the other, you should at least compare what’s current. Give Windows a fair contest! 🙂

  4. I’ve had generally very good luck with PCs. My current HP with Vista is approaching 3.5 years old and I’ve had barely any issues with it.

    For me, it’s just a general loyalty thing. Until a PC lets me down, I’m gonna stick with what I know. In the same, way, I will drive a Ford truck until they give me reason to choose something else.

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