With so much evil…

with so much evil,  why is there so much good in the world?

really…there is so much coming from a christian perspective these days about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket…and the total depravity of man…and the impending rapture of the church out of this mess…i’m a little stumped.

why is there so much good in the world?

just my thought this morning.


3 thoughts on “With so much evil…

  1. With so much good in the world why do so many of us choose to dwell on the bad? I know there are days when I get all wadded up and pout about this or that going wrong in my life. Then I look at the faces of my sons and see the love in their hearts and wonder how in the world do I get it screwed up to the point of ever missing the point of the blessings in my life. I can rattle off all the crap that happened to me over the last week but struggle to appreciate God’s glory. There is NOTHING that could ever happen in my life that would outweigh the blessings of my sons. There is a lot of stuff that is bad in this world but us missing the point and not seeing the good because we are so hung up on the evil is just as bad in a lot of cases.

  2. I think just like when we watch movies, we want the biggest and baddest to happen. I think we want our good the same way. If the good we see doesn’t move a mountain, then it’s no good.

    I am using the definition of Good of how it is used in our day and age, which is watered down.

    Watching the light come up from around my house in the morning lighting up the hills behind my house and Jack or Avery grabbing my hand…that’s good.

    Watching someone jump out of their car or you jumping out, to help push a broken down car out of the street….that’s good.

    this is just the few examples of good. I bet there is more good through a person’s day than they think.

    It’s a chump way for some to tell people how evil the world is just to fill some offering buckets.

  3. God is faithful even when his children are not. I’d hate to think about the evil in this world if God & his children, faithless though we may be, were not in it.

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