Biggest Loser…Weekly Results

well,  we are approaching the four-month mark on the padre’s biggest loser!   it’s been a much bigger success than i ever expected.   i’ve learned a lot.   i’ve been encouraged by your involvement.   i’m glad we’re doing this.   i hope that,  no matter how many pounds you have lost,  you’ve been inspired and you are still hanging in there.

officially,  we have five more weeks to go in our original plan.   it’s time to really dig in.   i know that i have simply maintained my weight (which is pretty encouraging,  in and of itself…)  since our trip to mexico.   but i am determined to finish strong.   how about you?

here are the weekly results:

team madre –  9  pounds lost  (216  total pounds lost)

team padre –  6  pounds lost  (166  total pounds lost)

we are almost up to 400 pounds lost!   Let’s reach it this week. what do you think?   if everybody lost just one pound, we would blow the barrier away…

as a matter of fact,  i’m going to throw down this challenge.   we need to reach the goal of 500 pounds lost by our final weigh-in day,  june 2.

we officially have 43 participants…24 women and 19 men.   we haven’t heard from some of you in weeks.   there is no better time to get back with the program than right now. to reach our goal of 500 pounds lost, everybody needs to lose a little over 2 pounds in the next five weeks.   just two pounds.

you think you can take one for the team?


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