so i’ll admit it.   i think holden is pretty great.   i’m sure you feel the same way about your own kid or even your own grandchildren.   but whatever you feel,  i bet i feel more.   it’s my right.   i’ll exert it.   he’s really more than great.   he’s awesome.

sorry to be acting superior,  but that’s just the way it is.   if you don’t like the fact that i have a soap box to proclaim the greatness of my own grandson,  get your own blog.   and then you can do what i do.

but just to show you that i am not completely tunnel visioned ,  check out this video.   this little kid is amazing.   and cute.   she probably even has her own blog.

5 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Luke and I came up with a blog “Disgruntled Mutterings of a Bassist”

    See you opened Pandora’s box.

    I think we should all post today what great Parlor trick our kid or grand kid can do.
    Then we weed out the weaker ones.

    I love selling out our kids talent to promote our parenting. Like we had anything to do with their greatness. Adults just get in the way sometimes.

  2. note to the disgruntled bassist…

    i would read your blog. i might even comment. or i may just start playing the bass again and you could simply be disgruntled.

  3. Well,in this case, I just think she’s fun to watch. How does she manage to stop like that (the times when she doesn’t fall down)? She even switches directions once. And then there’s that Olympic wave at the end of the runs… Not bad! Definitely youtube- worthy.

  4. Oh a blog by Brandon and Luke would be nothing short of entertaining. Pretty sure our blog wouldn’t be for the light of heart.

    I do find it humorous how parents feel the need to one up people with their kids. Tell someone your child walked at 13 months and in their biggest playground voice they will tell you that theirs walked at 12 months.

    One up parenting is only topped by Christians trying to out Jesus other Christians.

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