This is just a test

just testing this as it goes live. make sure you check out marriage tuesday directly on my site…


10 thoughts on “This is just a test

  1. We did get mentioned in his announcement though. That was kinda cool.

    I think you should kick this thing off live with some really juicy conversation. Pick a lightning rod topic and let’s let it rip!

  2. What about the topic of “How to cook your man’s favorite dinner everyday of the week” It’s got to be in the bible somewhere.

  3. I’m in…. although I deleted your first blog not reading carefully where it was from…. Padre blog in Dodger/Angel country?…. please… although the Padres are playing pretty well. Looking forward to the dialogue.

  4. I still think there needs to be away to post pics to this site. Otherwise I am going to create a alternate spyder site. ( made up term just to geek this out)

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