A bold move…

yesterday,  i made a step forward.   i got a new cell phone.

my two-year contract with my previous phone expired on saturday and it was time for a new one.   the old one isn’t working right.   the keypad is locked most of the time.   i have to bypass it to make phone calls.   super annoying.   yeah,  it was time.

i have been researching for the past few months…talking to people…checking out their phones…reading reports…doing my phone search due diligence.

after a lot of discussion,  wanda and i finally came to an agreement that i would get a smartphone. cynics would say i wore her down so i could get what i wanted.   geez…that sounds so trashy.   i would prefer to say that we arrived at a mutually beneficial meeting of the minds.

whatever.   i suppose that discussion is for a marriage tuesday post at a later date.

back to the phone.   the mac-heads of my world have told me there is really no debate.   get an iphone.   i suppose i don’t disagree with them.   the problem is that we are long-time verizon customers and have had exceptional cell phone service and reception for the past eight years.   no reason to change.

besides,  most of  the AT&T  (the iphone service provider)  customers i know seem to spend a lot of time complaining about their service and reception…so i really don’t want to change providers.

so i’ve been left with a decision.   wait for steve jobs biiiiig announcement on june 7 (when he might grace the world with his decision to let verizon in on the apple action)  or  step to the plate and get verizon’s new htc android incredible?


now i just have to wait until june 25th for the back order to come in.

really.   do you think alexander graham bell had this kind of hassle in mind?


11 thoughts on “A bold move…

  1. you’ll be one of the coolest Senior Pastor’s around!!!! Will you know how to use it for more than a phone though???

  2. Ok you never said anything about if you SIGNED another one of those GROSS two year contracts…..hmmm its the phone that is smart not the user btw

  3. Looks like a winner Mike as this phone got a 5 out of 5 from G4TV and their chief reviewer. He even marked what this phone can do better then the iPhone.
    Of Course, all that can change after “the big announcement”

  4. My son, son-in-law, daughter-in-law all have iPhones, as well as half the church staff…. so I get a regular dose of …”wow, look at this app, etc.” I’m with you Mike in that I have been happy with Verizon’s service and don’t want to switch… I have been on the same plan and phone for about 4 years… so I am due for the new phone…just not sure, in my case, if all the apps, features, etc. are worth what it will cost me to have them and probably not use them. I hear the Android is out selling the iPhone right now…. probably good to have a little competition out there. I understand that Apple offered Verizon the iPhone exclusive initially… what were they thinking? Anyway I am waiting for Apple to put a phone in the iPad and give me the senior citizen, large print version of the iPhone. Happy phoning… like Luke’s comment…will you answer it?

  5. Very cool phone! I am waiting for the new iPhone to upgrade my 2 yr old one. I heard that there is no Verizon iPhone for 2010 so the android one is the way to go for non-AT&T’ers

  6. I say it will take him a few weeks to figure out all the buttons Sooooo…everyone call him during a sunday service to watch him panic to turn it off….

    Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor….anyone else looked inthe mirror lately?

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