Stop…right now…and watch

if you can’t stop right now,  come back later.   really.

if you don’t think this is life-altering information,  get your head out of the sand.

so much to discuss.

2 thoughts on “Stop…right now…and watch

  1. Fatboy Slim is awesome.

    I’m not sure I’d put it on par with the Industrial Revolution just yet, but it’s definitely in the ballpark.

  2. Our tech staff showed this at our last board meeting… no denial or head in the sand, but how for the church to have a presence in the social media is the thing we wrestle with. We have concluded that we will use existing platforms like FB as opposed to trying to run a room full of servers, etc…. a work in progress for us.

    By the way, Holden “the Great” is a good looking kid… takes after his grandpa undoubtedly.

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