A couple of final thoughts

it’s time to put the competition discussion back in the locker room.   we’ll probably break it back out when the cowboys get back in the deathstar this fall.

until then,  here’s some closing thoughts…

tonight,  i went to a fourth-round 3A high school baseball playoff game.   the parents were embarrassing.   just…embarrassing.   their kids deserved better.   their kids need better.   enough with that.

i really appreciate the depth of discussion we’ve had on the topic of competition.   it’s needed.  really needed.

some would say that competition builds character.

others would say that competition reveals character…one way or the other.

i lean more to the side of revealing character.   merely competing does nothing.   essentially,  competition is neutral.   winning is nothing without definition.   what are you winning? a trophy?   they break and lose their lustre.   notoriety?   better enjoy your fifteen minutes…

are you winning satisfaction?   superiority?   memories?   whatever you are winning pales in comparison to the greater things in life.

what about losing? (or struggle or failure or judgment or injustice or unfairness or mistakes or loss of confidence?)   does it really build character on it’s own?   i think not.   the only way character is built in times of difficulty is with guidance and wisdom.   otherwise,  losing brings death  (mostly metaphorically…)

no…i think competition reveals what you already are.   people don’t act out of character when they are competing.   competition magnifies  the best…and worst…of who we are.

“that guy is such a fierce competitor…” yeah,  and he’s a butt-head,  too.

“that girl is focused and determined…” really?   so that’s what self-centered arrogance looks like?

“dude is winner.   plain and simple.” so why can’t he be nice to people?

“he has no heart…no work ethic…no passion to be the best.” maybe because his heart is poured out for others.

so is this a ridiculous,  narrow-minded comparison?   maybe.   but i think it’s worth considering.   i’m not advocating the boycotting of competition.   it would be relationship suicide here in the great state.   texas thrives on competition on every level and every sector of public and private life.   no…it’s here to stay and gaining momentum with each passing season of friday night lights.   (great show, by the way.   an absolute must for parents of teenagers and those who want to make a difference in the lives of kids.)

i guess what i’m saying tonight is that since competition is such an unbelievably powerful intoxicant…and since it isn’t going away… maybe we better pay closer attention to how our kids are processing it.

and work harder at helping them build the kind of character we want it to reveal.

go team.


3 thoughts on “A couple of final thoughts

  1. orginized sports isnt what it used to be. back in the day it was all about team work. sportsmanship, and of course fun. now its more about the money and pitting children agianst each other to show off who is the better, like a comming out party on steroids. its terrible. its seems that orginized sports have put the values on the back burner for the spotlight and glitz. and it also seems that parents are at the center of this cat.5 hurricane, they seem to be thinking this is there shot to relive there past and have that second chance at something greater than they imagined, i have seen it with my own eyes as well. some parents cant just cheer there childern or there team on anymore they have to make it more a blood thristy challenge. shame shame. i will stick to fashion shows.

  2. Just added my two cents to yesterday’s post… sure is easier to clarify you perspective after reading others replies and your “final thoughts”…I think you nailed it. It will be fun to see the topic resurrected once your Cowboys enter the Death Star… for now I need to help the Lakers out of the Arizona desert.

  3. I relieved my youth by having my 8 year old son play two games today in 95 degree heat. Man it was freaking HOT!!! He ended the first game on a weak fly ball to first base. He shrugged his shoulders and told me he hit a bad pitch. Little more than an hour later he scored the game winning run. It gave me a chance on the to lunch to explain to him that its alot like life sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed but you have to keep your character through it all. A game is a game and a crappy day is a crappy day.

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