Who needs “Marriage Tuesdays?”

i saw this ad on television today and realized i’ve been wasting my time giving pearls of marriage wisdom every tuesday.

i just wish i’d bought stock in it…

turn your sound up.   you don’t want to miss any of this…


4 thoughts on “Who needs “Marriage Tuesdays?”

  1. “Makes a great wedding gift.” Awesome! I wish I had gotten this as a wedding gift. We would get much more use out of this than the electric blanket we got instead.

  2. Wow. It’s the end of all marriage problems… Taken care of by cArbon fibers. However I do think that if Corey saw this he may invest 🙂 just saying.

  3. Now if they could invent something to stop snoring (that actually works)…. I’m sure all marriage problems are just due to lack of sleep from offensive sounds and smells.; )

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