A view from the cheap seats…

here are some thoughts at the end of a very long sunday:

  • i’ve known i was going to preach on marriage during june for the past few months.   i’ve thought about it nearly everyday for the whole time.
  • it’s good that this week finally arrived.
  • this sermon took a number of different turns on the way to completion.
  • the final draft didn’t reach the finish line until after i had to rent a drain power auger to unplug the sewer pipe in the front of my house.   on saturday…in the early evening.   not sure how those two actions are connected…
  • after last week’s sauna bath experience,  it was good to have the a/c working the whole morning in the building!
  • the sunday that we recognize our graduates is always one of my favorite days at north point.
  • it was great to stand in the back and watch logan leading and praying for these kids.
  • great throwback song today.   “what is this thing called love?”  was one of our signature songs of north point youth ministry back in the day we really started to get serious about playing good music.   it was sweet nostalgia for me…and a brand new song for our family.   wow.
  • erin was powerful on “revelation song”.   it’s great that we are all beginning to learn this song…i could really hear the voices of our folks today.
  • i can remember back to the 70’s when i used to lead “0 for a 1000 tongues” in our church services…complete with arm waving and both an organ and piano.   man,  do i love how we do this song now.
  • standing up in front of our church family and speaking of god’s design for marriage  (as best i can) was more emotional for me than i was prepared for.
  • we are a family full of divorce.   we just are.
  • i really hope my words about singleness and marriage reflected sensitivity and understanding and hope…along with a strong dose of god’s ultimate purpose for marriage.
  • i am so grateful north point is a safe place for people on the mend.
  • i am so grateful north point is a safe place to look honestly at god’s word…which is definitely not safe!
  • don’t take this the wrong way,  but if i weren’t a follower of christ,  there is no way i would view marriage the same.
  • did you think it was strange that i said that ultimately,  marriage is not about us…our lives…our happiness…our plans?
  • not nearly as many people leaving during the service.   nothing interesting in the lobby,  i guess.
  • met some new people who joined us for the first time.   that’s always a highlight for me.
  • having kids pass out bon voyage info sheets after the second service was awesome!   i love seeing young servants…
  • my favorite time every sunday is watching us stand around and talk after the service.   the interaction is very cool.
  • my second favorite time is lunch.   brisket tacos at cabana are worth it.   believe me.   we had a whole group of happy campers…
  • this evening,  there was a group of us that went out to camp summit  (in copper canyon)  and grilled and served about 250 hamburgers  for an adult  “special needs” camp.   great fun.   great way to serve.   hard work,  but worth it.   would you be interested in making a small group and doing this on another sunday evening this summer?   they have openings…
  • can’t wait to hear how the second night of the evening unplugged session went.   we had a big group at the building tonight.
  • have you signed up for the next session?   it begins next sunday during both the 10 and 11:15 hours.
  • i’m really looking forward to studying about what paul said in his letter to the ephesians about marriage “roles” this week.   be ready to have your marriage rocked!

have a great week.   serve well.   extend yourself.   remember your worth is not found in another person…or in what you do…or what you own…or how well you perform…or who notices you.   it simply comes through the love of god.

8 thoughts on “A view from the cheap seats…

  1. It was good to hear the words about marriage. I don’t think there’s anything I’m lacking right now by being single but like our own creator said, it is not good for man to be alone. I eagerly look forward to meeting my future wife.

  2. Wish we could have been there. We were planning to come before baseball games but about 1000 different things kept it from happening. Missed it. My weak is all whacked out now.

  3. Very cool! This is the first time I’ve heard about the Camp Summit thing. Do we do this often? I’ve never been to Camp Summit and did not know we were doing any sort of outreach or Project Connect type things right now. I’m trying to pay more attention – did I miss an e-mail on that?

    Are we doing other things like this?

    1. wendy…this opportunity came about through an invitation at our young adult bible study a few weeks ago. one of the gals in our study works at camp summit and she invited a group of us to come and be guinea pigs in a new program they were starting. it turned out to be a winner. we will now begin to promote additional sunday night dates this summer.

  4. Well I was going to download a good Beatles song… but I finally gave up.

    Actually it was: One torn contact lenses, one sleepy/tired wife with only one contact, 2 boys that somehow can’t keep up with a matching pair of shoes, 2 dumb dogs that would rather stare at you then go to the stinking bathroom and after all that we get almost to the highway and figure out the one-eyed wonder left the water on in the garden.

  5. May be if we were all in tune with what is expected of us as husbands and wifes and we are real (not pretending) early on in the marriage relationship there wouldn’t be so many that go astray. There needs to be more examples of Great marriages, and those that are great need to mentor ( just pick some one ) and those that need to me mentored need to swallow there “pride” and ask for help. They can not do it alone even though they think they can. It’s better to ask for a little help and do it right the first time, than to fail and start over. God puts people in our lives for a reason, don’t be afraid to ask them why…

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