Money 3

i really love it when someone new to north point says how much they appreciate that we don’t beat people over the head on the money issue.

after years of being part of the leadership of a church family that went enormously in debt because of a building program…and enduring capital campaigns,  endless special meetings,  sermon after sermon about tithing,  first fruits, the love of money,  sewing seeds…and having the spirit sucked out of me for over a decade…i love being part of north point.

but make no mistake,  even though we’re not buying land,  building an edifice or even remodeling our little shack…it still takes money to do our thing.   whether it’s paying the utility bills,  buying toilet paper and communion cups,  fixing a broken sound board or aging air conditioning unit,  buying program materials for youth or children’s ministry,  keeping up on our mortgage payment or simply providing salaries for our staff…we still need money to operate.

so here’s another couple of questions:  how do we say this without beating people over the head?   how do we challenge everybody whose part of the church family to do their part? any new ideas?

2 thoughts on “Money 3

  1. I feel as though its a fine line we walk here…and not because its “taboo” to talk about it, i think the subject of tithing has many different channels it can go down and a lot of disagreement can and probably will come out of it…as a kid i feel like it was ingrained in my head to give 10 percent, a direct command from god right? (Malachi 3:10 is a popular verse). my issue comes in the fact that the 10 percent comes from the old covenant law… and the law was for Jews.. we were redeemed and reconciled to Christ through the cross (Galatians 4:5)thus abolishing the old covenant law for Christians…however, Jesus and the apostles i think do make it abundantly clear that we are to give back to our place of worship…although no percentage is ever mentioned, there are many instances where we are told that in times of abundance give abundantly not only out of the thankful heart but also in lieu of other believers who may be experiencing a time of hardship (2nd Corinthians 8:12-14). Paul also mentions in Galatians 6:6 that we are to give back in all good things to our missionaries and teachers…(haha, pastor mike!!)…and i think NP does a good job of that. we cover our basics and try to use the rest of all we have to give back to our community, support missionaries, and support institutions we believe are doing gods work…that should be reassuring to us as believers who have the ability to give more. the fruits we are giving are not going to sweet new office chairs, or nice new vans and massive amounts of debt…they are going to people and ministries that desperately need money to function in sometimes 3rd world countries where we wont even watch on tv but people we support are there live and in person preaching the good news, and they can do that because we are here supporting them. that’s our part in the equation that is “kingdom work” and we do it well, but we could definitely do better.and not just money, but time and effort too. i think the first step to challenging NPCC-ers about our tithing, is really understanding and educating everyone, myself included, what is expected of us as Christians who are redeemed from the old covenant law by way of Jesus and the cross….

  2. I think “speaking the truth in love” is great in money talks.

    Speak the need, be direct and then the choice to respond is on the people.

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