A view from the cheap seats

wow…this was one full sunday!

  • great crowd this morning.
  • lots of new faces…graduation weekend always brings new friends…but that wasn’t all!
  • hot, hot, hot.   glad the north point  a/c is working well.
  • my voice was already shot before i showed up.   not a good sign.
  • i don’t think i have ever studied quite this much for a sermon.
  • knowing that i stand a little outside the mainstream on my understanding of marriage roles makes me want to be doubly sure that my teaching is clear,  understandable and grounded in the word.
  • this is the first time i have ever preached a sermon series on marriage.   individual sermons,  yes.   five in a row,  no.
  • it’s easier…and harder…at the same time.
  • easier because i don’t have to try and say it all in one sermon.   it’s a chance to develop layers and dig deeper.
  • harder because i feel the pressure to keep people connected to the topic over a long period.   hope it’s working!
  • really good spirit in the room.
  • singing was louder than normal.   go figure.
  • i love loud singing.
  • chipotle for lunch.   never a bad choice.
  • had to really hustle after lunch…had some last minute work to do on alan and jen’s wedding ceremony.
  • got a late start on my drive to the wedding and got stuck in some bumper to bumper traffic on my way there.
  • i started to get a little anxious,  but then i remembered hey,  they can’t start without me anyway!
  • definitely an advantage to be the one in charge of the wedding.
  • ok.   i’ll say it,  since alan and jen probably won’t be reading this blog on monday morning.   it was miserable hot outside at the wedding.
  • water was pouring out of my freshly shaved head like a leaky faucet.
  • during the ceremony,  sweat got on the lower portion of bifocals.   couldn’t see my notes.   not good.
  • made a pretty good recovery, tho.
  • i made friends with a lot of people after the ceremony.   it was pretty short.   noticeably short.   i’m a hero.
  • i’m proud of alan and jen.   they have a good foundation.   they understand the meaning of covenant.
  • turning on the a/c in our car on the way home after the wedding was pure ecstasy.

this is another big week.   serve well.   honor god.   live like it counts.


One thought on “A view from the cheap seats

  1. I was sure hoping you’d end the ceremony with something like, “You may now kiss the bride. And Ross, you may now jump in the pool.”

    That would’ve been great.

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