Don’t ignore this. Please.

this is pretty big news.

i need to apologize to most…maybe all of you.

with the switch to my new blog subscription service…and my commitment to writing on a regular basis…i’m admitting to pretty much adding to your email overload! and the last thing any of us need are more emails in the inbox.   sorry for contributing to the problem!

so here’s the plan:   from now on,  you will only be receiving a Padre Blog email once a week. on monday mornings,  you’ll get the email…and you’ll need to open it. when you open it,  it will have a listing of all my blog posts in the past week.   you can read a little right in the email…or click on any of them that interest you…or go straight to my blog and read from there… make comments…or simply blow the email away if nothing from the past week interests you.   my skin is thick.

or you can just bookmark my blog and read it whenever you feel like it.   whatever it takes to get you involved in the padre blog community…reading and commenting!

also…if you would still like to get daily notifications of my new posts,  all you have to do is click on “subscribe by email” (right below my picture in the right hand column).   i have a nifty subscription service with wordpress,  my blog publisher,  that will notify you immediately every time i write something new.   or you can use your own rss reader…but you probably already know that!

anyway…glad you’re reading.   this is a pretty cool opportunity for all of us to stay connected.   i’m grateful for your friendship and the encouragement i receive from you.

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