Coming clean

i’m really not here to kick a man while he’s down.   nobody’s perfect.   nobody’s righteous.   my name is at the top of that list.   were it not for the mercy of god,  my life would have no hope.

but i’m just fed up tonight.

i realize there may be more to this story than is being reported,  but the basics seem pretty clear.   the other night, vince young,  pro quarterback for the tennessee titans,  got into a fight at a local dallas strip club last night.   young was cited for class C assault, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $500.   he even faces a possible ban from playing in the nfl,  loss of major bucks  and a blow to his rep.   not a good night.

when they interviewed him today,  he was contrite and offered these words:   “i just made a mistake.  i made a mistake even being there, and i let that guy provoke me into doing what i did.”

i know it’s never going to happen,  but just once,  i would love to hear someone say,  “i’m an idiot.    i didn’t just make a mistake…my life is totally out of whack.    i need help.”

i can hope.

6 thoughts on “Coming clean

  1. His Momma said it…if you don’t want to be in situations like that don’t put yourself in places like that. He’s an idiot. Is it REALLY worth it over an upside down horns sign? Geez, what would he do to Brett I wonder since he always follows his down-turned hand with “Boo Longhorns” and so does Brooke. Sheesh.

  2. I hope VY gets a 1-2 game suspension for his latest act as the video is pretty telling. I keep hearing from Commish Goodell that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right… Here’s hoping he suspends Young to re-inforce that philosophy…
    Seriously, you go off on a guy because he went ” horns down “…
    To quote Charles Barkley, that’s just ” turrible “!

  3. sure, there’s no excuse for his actions. sure, he probably needs some help…but we make the same mistakes everyday. how many times have you wanted to hit somebody, sometimes even for something trivial. ALOT! and probably the only reason we dont sometimes is because unlike vince we cant afford a 500 hundred dollar fine! i think its important to keep a level head when we are faced with media like this…his lifestyle may seem more morally depriving than mine or yours, and maybe it is according to our “culture’s” philosophy, but not the bible, at least in my understanding. i mean david, a bible hero, was so morally off he had a man sent to the front lines to die, so that he could have an adoultrous relationship with his wife, yet the bible also describes david as a man after gods own heart. and we parade around as christians calling people idiots who make mistakes, as if we dont make EQUAL mistakes in the eyes of god. in my humble opinion vince probably isnt a whole lot more sinful than i am. but i know the redeemer. that’s the only difference between a follower and non follower, we know jesus. we are all equals in sin… its not our job to judge the heart

    1. If all that’s stopping you from hitting some people is 500 hundred I can think of a few people I’d be more than happy to spring 500 on.

  4. j-con…i really appreciate your heart and your words. i agree with everything you said. maybe moreso, having spent the better part of my last 35 years dealing with the brokenness of people’s lives, as well as my own sinfulness and need for help.

    although i can see how it might look like i was simply calling vince an “idiot”, that’s not where my heart was at all. i can confidently tell you that vince is definitely not more sinful than i am. we are in the same boat. we walk the same path. we share the same nature.

    we all need to admit we are “idiots” and in need of help, if there is ever going to be healing. we don’t just make mistakes. until we are able to look at ourselves and see exactly who and what we are, there is no redemption, no transformation, no wholeness, no forgiveness.

    i’m guilty of using a high profile media event to try and teach a lesson…not to cast judgment or throw a guy under the bus. but i can see how it looks like that’s what i did. thanks for calling me out. i will be more careful next time.

    1. nonono…haha i was not calling you out at all…and i agree with the lesson you were conveying…that lesson being that so often people, including me, say yea i made a mistake, but we dont realize those mistakes reveal heart issues we need to deal with…we just say it was a mistake, and move on without ever thinking maybe its more than skin deep…and i agree with you!! but i could just forsee a comment chain of vince hating about to come down the pipe, and i wanted to throw a wrench in the chain. a different look at it. i agree with everything you said, i just think we should use it to apply to OUR lives and not start a chain of judgement on vince!! I love it when you use athlete references because i can relate! i battle alot of the same temptations those guys do..I still remember a sermon you gave while i was in highschool about alex rodriguez thanking god after a big win, but how come no one thanks god in a loss, why arent we thankful for the opportunity?….that sticks with me today…so please dont stop the athlete references! i love em

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