It’s here

i got my new htc droid incredible today.

i thought i would be officially ushered into the 21st century.

it didn’t happen.

still figuring out how to send a text.

not really sure how to make a phone call.

my thumbs feel too big to type.

but i know i’m going to look really cool using it.   i just know it.

or not.


7 thoughts on “It’s here

  1. I posted but don’t see it now…get Advanced Task Killer from the market place…its free. It turns off everything you open so apps don’t stay open burning your battery.

  2. hahahah, too funny. Oh wait, I work in IT and yet my personal phone is from two centuries ago. Oh well, we hope to be ushered into the new age with a Droid or I phone in the next two weeks.

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