Getting better…

This my first post from my Droid incredible.


7 thoughts on “Getting better…

  1. Just to encourage you… I’m impressed that you can post anything to my computer from your phone…. of course I am pushing 70 and have never texted anything from my 10 key phone… I’m not motivated to push the 9 key 4 times just to get a “z”. In the mean time, while you learn to use your magic phone, I have been exploring your archives and listening to your Ephesians series on marriage… very good stuff. Just be aware that some of us are not frequent responders, but nonetheless frequently enjoy and benefit from your study, thoughts and insights through Padre and the North Point website. The implications of this networking thing are huge …could be that more will hear your thoughts during the week than on Sunday or how neat for those who are privileged to hear you in person on Sunday can rerun your ideas again later. Keep playing with your incredible phone and the computer… I think good stuff is resulting.

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