Life is difficult

this is definitely one of those weeks.   i should be writing about the exhilaration of some amazing sports moments from the past couple of days,  but i just can’t bring myself to do it.

this morning i’m feeling the pain of friends.

i’m side by side with people who are hurting.   devastating news from doctors…lost jobs…marriages that are struggling… drug abuse…suicide threat…death of loved ones…major disappointments and betrayals…family dysfunction… homelessness…dwindling finances…dibilitating injury…

and it’s only wednesday.

two thoughts this morning:   i’ve said it before,  but it’s a privilege to walk with people through their struggle.   it’s not always easy.   most of the time, i struggle for words of comfort.   i refuse to give positive mental attitude quotes or make promises for god.   there are no simple answers or mystical fixes.   but there is presence.   the more,  the better.   for all of us.

the other thought i have is a reminder of how easy it is to sink into bad theology.  “if god is good, why does he let bad things happen to me?” as much as i desperately want to make god’s goodness the defining standard for all the things i want to happen,  i can’t.   nor can you.   good and bad co-exist in a broken world.

god’s essential goodness means i now have a standard for seeing good…and bad…and keeping them in perspective.   i don’t make (and ascribe) value.   god’s character does.   changing the situations we find ourselves in,  is not nearly as important as viewing the situations we find ourselves in.

joy will come again.


2 thoughts on “Life is difficult

  1. Sometimes it is hard for us to stand by others when they are struggling. We don’t understand what they are going through. We may not understand why they are doing something because we have never been in their shoes. We struggle for the words to make it right. We waste time trying to figure out the why’s instead of just loving the person. God doesn’t ask us why we do the stupid things we do, so why should we hold other fallable humans to that test?

    The more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realized that words are never enough. If you just tell someone they can get through their struggles and walk away….. What have you done? That is no different that telling a drowning child to swim and letting them drown. God calls us to be His light. When do we need His light more than in the darkness.

  2. So, all I want to say is thank you for not quoting the positive mental attitudes. As a person who is in struggles, and who you have helped at times. I have to admit I am completely sick of the positive metal attitudes.

    I am tired to pretending to be happy, or optimistic, or patient, or content. Sometimes, for the first time in my life, I want to just be really mad, angry, fed up, done, want to give up, completely unsatisfied. And honestly, learning to let myself have to harsh feelings, to yell in prayer if you know what i mean, i am finally able to let some of them go after a while. and my mental attitude becomes positive on its own.

    Granted, I still behave myself in public, I am not lashing out at authorities or anything. But from the viewpoint of someone who is and has struggled with things, the best help does not always come in the form of advise, just acknowledgment.

    If any of that made sense

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