Go figure…

it amazes me how two people can look at the exact same thing,  but see two totally different realities.

people can look at the same passage of scripture and one can see absolute,  irrefutable evidence for calvinism…and the other will see proof of free will.

a church leader will look at an empty piece of property and will immediately envision a big,  beautiful new building…a house of worship fit for a king…while another church leader will view the same piece of property and never give a second thought to erecting another structure for the kingdom.

people can watch what the president does and see self-righteous grandstanding or compassionate leadership…in the exact same event.

when one person sees a tattoo,  they see creative expression and freedom…while another sees nothing but rebellion and body disfiguring.

i see a posted speed limit sign and see the maximum allowable safe speed.   wanda sees a goal.   like i said,  go figure.

here’s what i’m really thinking:   some people face difficulty and see problems.   others face the same kind of difficulty and see possibilities.   why is that?   what’s the difference in those people?   how can we learn to see possibilities?   can people change this fundamental orientation?

today…may you see hope.


6 thoughts on “Go figure…

  1. What would “Hope” look like?

    In the context of your blog I’d say that the hope I’m looking for would involve people giving up their “need to be right” and the divisive,self righteous claim that somehow Gods on their side.

    The hope is that instead they might be more attuned to being on His side…

    “can people change THIS fundamental orientation?”

    I’m cautiously hopeful,

    I know that they can but it’s a matter of the will…

  2. altonwoods, thanks for the questions.

    what i was thinking about today as i wrote was simply how different we are and what makes us that way.

    we all bring so much to the table when we face trouble (and good) on our journeys. i don’t know exactly how i became a “glass is half full” kind of guy. my parents didn’t teach me…as a matter of fact, neither were particularly optimistic by nature. but they did face trouble and setback (during my childhood) with quite a bit of determination. although they believed in god, it was not much more than a sunday affair.

    somewhere along the way, i began to see trouble and difficulty as sort of a divine anvil where my character and discipleship were to be refined. in my twenties, i had good modeling, read great authors, heard life-changing sermons and walked through difficulties with the guidance and influence of godly teachers.

    how do i define hope? hope is simply holding on long enough for change to happen. for me, it is a trust that because jesus rose from the dead, i can face any situation. the possibilities are unlimited.

    have i given up my need to be right? most days, yes. but it’s a daily battle to trust god at his word and not my feelings, my doubts, my heritage, my fears or the voice of the deceiver.

    on a personal note…i’m curious how you stumbled on my blog?

  3. My question is how do you hang around people that always have an half empty outlook?
    I would venture to guess half empties will bring the half fulls down at some point. I want to help peps like this but, sheesh. I had someone that wanted borrow money once. They told me how bad everything was in their life. I felt sorry for them. But at the very same time some one else was in need money help as well. The difference was is they were trying and saw a end

    1. to their delima. Maybe I was wrong but I gave it to the half full.

      I may be on a tangent, but I was just with a group of people that were half fulls and empties.
      You are making me think on a Friday night.

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