Marriage Tuesday

george macdonald was a scottish preacher and author in the 1800’s.   c.s. lewis called macdonald his “master”,  when it came to writing.   pretty high praise.

i was reading and came across this quote by macdonald:

One of the good things that come of a true marriage is, that there is one face on which changes come without your seeing them; or rather there is one face which you can still see the same, through all the shadows which years have gathered upon it.  ~George MacDonald

wow.   i love those words.

it really bothers me when i hear of someone saying they could never get into marriage because the thought of being intimate with only one person during the course of their lifetime was ridiculous…that to limit their sexual escapades to a single partner would be cruel and senseless.

this is the predominant philosophy of today.   it makes me sad.

macdonald writes of the beauty of one face with words that describe my life experience.   i hope it will be true for you someday.


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