Moving into the future

here’s one for you…

i read tonight about a premiere church production company that specializes in helping churches develop cutting edge audio-visual environments and they have recently expanded their services to include everything needed to strategically create environments for pre-launch church plants all the way up to multi-site gigachurches.

mmm….not sure north point is going to be hiring them anytime soon.

but they do have a new service that sounds interesting to me.   it’s called a 3D holographic telepresence video presentation. quite a mouthful.   in simple terms,  a 3DHTVP is a projection of a real person…looking very real…projected in real time or tape delayed.

what that means is that we could do a 3DHTVP of me preaching…but i could be at home,  sipping on some iced tea,  watching football on the big screen.

or we could do a 3DHTVP of me preaching…but i could hang out in the lobby with all the rest of the people who leave during the sermon.   i could even start a class with them.

or we could do a 3DHTVP of me preaching…and i could walk out on stage with myself and i could tag-team preach with me!   oooo… that makes my head hurt.

the options are limitless.

so,  i’ll put it on my christmas list.   or maybe not.

i’m definitely not one to reject new ideas.   modern technology doesn’t scare me.   hey…i’ve got a smartphone, buddy.   but i’m pretty sure if i had an extra 250K laying around,  a 3DHTVP wouldn’t be the first thing to come to my mind when i consider extending the kingdom.


4 thoughts on “Moving into the future

  1. WOW….nice dig on the lobby-ists…I liked it. Now that you’ve thrown down the thought of 250k, the measley amount on a new sound system sounds pretty good..or maybe not.

  2. I think we will just stick to you speaking from a creaky wooden bench, using poster boards and baseball gloves sitting around in the background.

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