A view from the cheap seats

i like to take time every sunday evening and reflect back on our sunday experience at north point.   it’s good for me.   it helps bring closure to the day and it gives me a structure to look back…and be grateful.

sometimes it makes me want to laugh.   other times,  i makes me want to cry.   either way,  it helps me remember i am part of a family and we share life together.   reflection is a good thing.

today,  we had a good man stand up and tell about the work that he and his organization were doing for the cause of christ.   he was passionate and sincere.   his heart and life priorities were evident.   he was a great ambassador for their ministry.

as he spoke,  though,  i was laughing inside at how different his style and presentation was than what we are used to.   i bet he used over twenty church words that we never use around north point anymore.   he spoke of church values and priorities that we don’t share in the same way.   even his speaking technique and voice inflection was totally different from mine.  really different.

yeah…it was pretty funny.

at the end of the second service,  he and i shared a moment together.   he thanked me for the opportunity to speak and more importantly,  the chance to share life with our church family…even if it was just for a few sunday morning moments.   i was struck by his sincerity.

as we talked,  he told me how he had visited our church website and how it made him laugh and how impressed he was that we were a church family so different from the ones he was used to.   he pointed out how we looked nothing like his church family,  but how he could see that we were a place where anyone could come and be welcomed…and a place where it was obvious that jesus was the center of our life.   he was gracious and encouraging.

his words meant a lot to me.

i think we are becoming more and more of what god has designed us to be in our community and in our world.

it was cool to have someone see that…and affirm it.

i’m glad god’s kingdom is big enough to include north point.


5 thoughts on “A view from the cheap seats

  1. It was strange, I had just introduced myself to a new family before the 2nd service and was reeling a little because his speaking style was so different and I just kept thinking “This is not typical Northpoint, that family is in for a shock!”

    He was such a stereotypical church speaker and he reminded me so much of the environment that made me disown the church when I was younger. Yet he spoke with a real sincerity that I am not used to from that style of sermonizing. It was both funny, when compared to the “Mike Farra Style” and sad because I think it was the first time I had experienced that style spoken from the heart. I think plenty of preachers have passion when they speak, not enough have a passion for God.

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