A World Cup observation

over the past month,  the world cup had won me over.   for real.

i found myself watching every chance i got.   national pride was overwhelming.   rabid fans.   painted faces.   international stars.   incredible athletes.   i even began to understand some of the nuances of the game.

i was pulling for the US and when they lost,  i joined in our national disappointment.   US soccer is behind the rest of the world,  but they are making up ground.   i’m really starting to get it.

once the tournament reached the quarter and semi-finals,  i was hooked.   the speed,  the strategy,  the flow of the game…amazing.   for all of the years of my life,  i was never interested.   soccer was nothing more than running and getting kicked in the shins.   and i never much liked either one of them.   but now it was different.

this is the greatest sport in the world…on the largest stage in the world…serving up the greatest competition in the world…by the best athletes in the world.

until today.

today i was reminded of why i still prefer baseball and football and basketball and volleyball and bowling and horseshoes.

today,  the epic showdown of the two greatest teams on earth laid an egg.   i could have just as easily gone out and watched my grass grow.   it would have been more interesting.   the best part of the world cup final between spain and the netherlands was being able to watch the drama of fake fouls and injuries play out in slow-motion HD on my big screen.

and don’t get me started on how soccer refs control the flow and outcome of the game.   the poor officiating was the single most influential factor in the game.   can’t imagine that ever happening in the world series.   maybe a bad call,  but not an entire bad game…from start to finish!

i battled going to sleep.   if it weren’t for being able to make fun of the real soccer fans in my living room,  there would have been no reason to watch.   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

my disappointment is huge.   i thought i had been won over.   i thought i had finally joined the world…and become part of the enlightened global community.   nope.

i’ll try again in four years.   i’m afraid it’s going to take me that long to get over today.


7 thoughts on “A World Cup observation

  1. I hear you. I love watching soccer, but watching two great teams play each other is like watching two ace pitchers duel to a 1-0 finish. It’s almost better to just read about it the next day.

  2. Today’s WC Final did have the same feeling of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, Too many fouls and too much focus on defense with a lack of offense until the end. Infact, having the game go scoreless at the end of regulation today wasn’t something that will bring Americans to follow international soccer.

    What we learned today is that WC Finals can go the same way as some Super Bowls, a bad game that doesn’t match the hype… Oh Well, See you in 2014 in Brazil…

  3. Listen, it’s hard for you because you are not accustomed
    he must love football to be able to watch without that desire, you can never.
    It is true that it is rather the usa basketball, baseball
    américians and yet have a good football team, just out the frame so that players can compete with the best
    from watching football matches, you’ll end up addicted Evenir

  4. Yep, the final was not a good advertisement for soccer. But honestly, I’ve seen the same type of games in the other sports. I remember all those years of San Antonio literally beating up the Phoenix Suns – preventing a more fluid and visually attractive game from advancing through. That’s what The Netherlands tried to do to Spain. It almost worked.
    The officials didn’t have a great game, but not a terrible game either. Most of the yellow cards had to be given. They prevent someone from snapping someone’s leg in two.
    When soccer is not being played as it should, it is sort of like watching…. hmmm… baseball in May. I’d rather be doing something else. That is, unless I have a kid in the game. Then it’s the most exciting 90 minutes ever…..

    1. thanks for the memory, dude. i’ve watched a lot…i mean A LOT…of bad baseball in may and june and july. i really miss those days. it’s probably good that neither of us had to go to dance recitals or cheerleading competitions…

  5. Mike don’t talk about Dancing or cheerleading. Debbie will come unglued. I think you missed our little convo at Bowling(the best sport ever btw) about that not being a sport.

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