Marriage Tuesday

oscar wilde once said:

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship,  whether in marriage or in friendship,  is conversation.”

i know there are many components that make up a good marriage.   but after all these years,  i’m pretty convinced that there just isn’t anything more important than being able to talk together.

why is good,  lengthy,  open,  non-hostile,  creative,  satisfying,  no-topics-are-off-limits conversation such a rare commodity?

what makes a good conversationalist?

what makes a good listener?

why do we  struggle so much with healthy dialogue?

why does dialogue turn to arguing so quickly with people we love?

why is it so important to be right?

why is it so easy to miss the meaning and motive behind what is said?

why are we so prone to read into what our spouses say…instead of taking what they say at face value?

is talking together a dominant feature of your marriage?   why not?

if it isn’t,  you’re going down a path you don’t want to go.


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