The wrong side of the bed…

i may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.   sorry.   i was reading through my email this morning and this great deal was sent to me by a big-name preacher…

Do you know that God wants to grow His church more than you do?
Are you ready to break your growth barrier and not look back?
Break through to the next level today!

Recorded live during a jam-packed Breaking Growth Barriers Workshop, this 5-CD set will guide you through proven principles for bringing God-sized growth to your church. The Teaching CDs include discussion on:

You will learn:

  • Why God gives us time to break growth barriers
  • The top two decisions you must make to break the next barrier
  • The right questions to ask in breaking barriers
  • What is a growth barrier?
  • How to identify the top nine growth barriers every church faces
  • Practical steps to break each of the top nine barriers
  • How to lead your church to identify and break each barrier
  • The 70% principle of space usage
  • How to identify barriers that are related to your leadership
  • How to staff for Growth
  • The 30-50-20 principle of church
  • How to build systems to keep growing beyond the barriers
  • How to lay out a strategy for next steps after this workshop
  • How to cooperate with the Spirit in growing your church
  • The principle of spiritual readiness

Plus, you’ll receive a Resource CD with a listener’s guide and essential church growth tools!

Only $399.95 !!!

here were my thoughts:

maybe i should be more concerned about barriers than i am.

wanting people to have a genuine connection with a god…and wanting to have a bigger church… are not necessarily the same thing.   the targets can easily become confused.

i have never been comfortable with with reducing “church growth” to a series of principles to be followed…even if they do work in some cases.

the size of the church is not always reflective of the health of the church.

healthy big churches and healthy small churches do church differently…but both want to see people have genuine, life-changing connections with god.

i wonder if this guy would send us a free set of these CDs,  if he knew we didn’t have an extra $399.95 laying around?

just thinking.


5 thoughts on “The wrong side of the bed…

  1. If you order within the next 30 minutes, he will throw in a bonus CD about how to finally take advantage of the prosperity gospel!!!

  2. You need to check your spam filter Mike… E-mails like this deserve to be placed there…

    Scott has a point here, this is way too infomercial here. There has to be a 30 minute program to push this… Wonder who could co-host this show?

  3. “God-sized growth”? Like the huge amount of people who God was able to call out of Sodom and Gomorrah? Or the big group on the ark? Or all those people that Jeremiah saved? Or think about all those guys surrounding Jesus after he died!

  4. The internet is a great tool. when you do a search for the CD’s, #1 is the Amazon location #2 is this blog.
    I asked requested a gratis copy for my father in laws church.

  5. My favorite part is that “cooperating with the Spirit” and “spiritual readiness” are the last two out of a list of 15.

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