It’s another 80’s day…

for some reason,  i have been reminiscing a lot about the old days of youth ministry.   there’s no doubt,  i was the quintessential youth minister of the 80’s!

the church i served was nine blocks up from the world famous huntington beach pier…home of jack’s surfboards,  the golden bear,  the end cafe’…and the epicenter of 80’s youth culture.

keeping up with the language of youth culture today takes an internet encyclopedia.   it’s amazing and complicated.   the change rate is stupid!   it’s a total blending of cultures and race heritage.   honestly, the creativity blows me away.

in spite of that,  there has never been…nor will there ever be…slang like we experienced in the 80’s!   so here are a few of my favorites of the huntington beach kids of the 80’s.   hopefully,  you’ll pass some of yours on, too.   this is a total hijack day.   a’ight?

dude…it was thee word of the 80’s!   a noun,  a verb,  an adverb,  an adjective,  a question,  an exclamation…whatever.

primo…the best.  “my new skateboard is primo”

shred…if somebody shreds,  it means he does it really good.  “dude,  he totally shreds on that half-pipe!”

poser…somebody who tries to be something he’s not.   “he’s such a poser!”

hessians…80’s metalheads.  kids in my youth group.

bunk…or bogus…unfair, bad, stupid

chuh!…more of a sound, than a word.   it was a way of answering a question,  “yes, of course…do you think i’m an idiot?”

faced…huge term in our youth group!   it came from volleyball…when somebody would spike the ball directly into the face of an opposing player,  it was called a facial. it became an all-purpose term we used when anybody got humiliated in any way… “dude, you just got faced!”

ralph…throw up

just some of my old youth group favorites.   how about you?


11 thoughts on “It’s another 80’s day…

  1. Chris and I came up with:
    As if….
    Rock on!

  2. I saw Ralph the other day at the library. He was smoking a cig and still looked like Ralph.

    Rad, Sweet and Tubular.

  3. As a young girl growing up on the beach in the 80’s I would like to add a couple…….

    Snake and Stick, Snake…. Still…. Stick……. Surf board “Don’t let anyone snake your stick”

    Sponger…boogie boarder. “I almost hit that sponger with my stick”

  4. That was a chose post, I am totally amped. You’re blog is the bomb not like the other cheesy bunk I have seen on the web. You are not afraid to get real. I will be chillen until your next post.


  5. I got in trouble for saying bitchin’ in front of my parents when I was in 7th grade…straight old school 1966! This is 80’s day dudes…

  6. Bad. Always was confusing. Never knew if it was bad or good.





    I remember in 1980 I was in kindergarten and was at our babysitters. One of the other kids was singing “Funky Town” and the babysitter wasn’t hip on all the new tunes and thought he was saying something else. She made him sit in time out in the bathroom.

  7. Thanks to the dawn of rap in the 80s there are many words we missed which can’t be repeated.
    But my favorite of all the slang was the “bleep” followed by the black sensored bar.

  8. Mike-
    Like I totally remember the awesome times we had in the 80’s…It was like, you know, like totally rad! 🙂

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