In or out?

can’t say that i am overly fond of all the terminology we christians use.   too confusing.   leaves too much to private interpretation.  too many terms.

it’s all in the bible,  but that doesn’t mean much to someone who doesn’t have the secret code.

are you saved? have you been born again? have you been restored?  redeemed?  purchased by the blood of the lamb?   transformed? are you a new creation?  a son or daughter of god?   a saint?   a brother?   a sister? have you accepted christ as your personal lord and savior?

have you been called? are you one of the chosen? are you part of the elect? are you a member of the royal priesthood? are you an heir to the promises? maybe you’re an alien or a stranger or a pilgrim or an ambassador.

are you a believer? a disciple? a follower?

are you going to heaven when you die?

are you filled with the spirit?

are you anointed?

are you sanctified?

are you righteous?

are you holy?

do you live by faith?

have you repented of your sins?

have you been immersed in water?

have you been baptized in the spirit?

do you trust jesus?

have you surrendered your heart?

do you bow in reverence?

have you experienced the grace of god?

some days my head hurts.

no wonder people look at us and roll their eyes and shrug their shoulders.

i can’t help but think we’ve complicated something that was originally pretty simple.


3 thoughts on “In or out?

  1. “i can’t help but think we’ve complicated something that was originally pretty simple.”
    Each church I have attended I could never understand what the right way to answer any of these questions. Maybe I should have stuck with one denomination.
    All I wanted was for the church to get off my back.
    These questions seemed to be asked like the church wants to stump me so I would need it.

    Over the years, I get a kick out of filling out applications to play bass as almost ALL these questions come up in some form or fashion. Just give me a napkin, I’ll tell you how I know God.

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